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How does CommsyncAlert work?

CommsyncAlert Solution is best practice unified event management technology. This enables CommsyncAlert to easily activate risk management workflows/call trees. Delivering a unified safety response. Delivering for the user a best fit outcome in the most expedient means.

Our platform connects perfectly with all communication networks and devices, allowing for added flexible integration with a wider range of outcomes. With our alert platform, everything is in one place: from the detection of an incident to the dissemination, acknowledgment, and processing of this information. One platform to manage everything. Our platform is able to operate in varied environments, being completely adaptable to location specific needs and constraints.

The technology that Commsync has built is a unified communication management platform which partners seamlessly with various wearable devices and other IOT hardware.

Desktop Mobile Monitoring

The CommsyncAlert tracker allows authorized users to see where the device/s are at all times. In a critical incident knowing where the vulnerable person is located, is the most important element to being able to get help to the person in need.

Features of the platform:

  • GPS Location
  • WIFI location
  • Set safe zone perimeters.
  • Set safe times and safe zones
  • Create Speed alerts.
  • Automatic confirmation of “back to base”.
  • Gives accurate historical data on trips and tracks.
  • Indicates when device battery is low.
  • Conference calling
  • Escalation