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About Us

Commsync is an Australian Company which has developed bespoke solutions utilising market leading and proven technology to support the most vulnerable people in our community.

Commsync was founded out of the belief that our vulnerable deserve a voice. That harnessing the power of technology to activate the power of friendship and family networks to support safety is best practice. Commsync combines violence prevention research with our Brisbane built and designed risk management platform. Essentially digitising what case managers within the Family violence, Child Protection and Youth justice and Prisoner reform sectors have been aiming to do for years.

The technology that Commsync has built is a unified communication management platform which partners seamlessly with various wearable devices and other IOT hardware.

 “ Commsync – Safety through Connections”. Connecting those at risk with those who care.

We implement tailored personal safety plans for individuals through a combination of wearable and non-wearable technology, providing real-time support at the touch of a button or voice command.

How do we do this? We program safety plans into wearable and other accessible devices, allowing at-risk individuals to discreetly trigger an alert to their chosen support network. A live audio stream, in addition to location and other relevant information, is sent directly to responders allowing for timely and informed choices in maintaining the individual’s immediate safety.
Why do we do this? We believe in the strength of love among family and friends. And nothing more clearly demonstrates this than the inherent instinct families and friends share in keeping loved ones safe from harm – any time, day or night. As families are each uniquely different and at times complex, the Commsync solution enables for a fully customised response plan to match any family’s circumstances.
What is a safety plan? A network of people known and trusted by the individual to respond in times of crisis. All people on the plan understand the risks and how to respond should they be contacted.
What is The CommsyncAlert Platform Solution? The CommsyncAlert Solution is a unified response safety platform, storing and organising safety plan data and delivery mechanisms via wearable and non-wearable devices for efficient and rapid responses to at-risk individuals at their time of need.