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Connecting Those at Risk to Those That Care



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Commsync talks  safety with our Prime Minister

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Commsync talks safety with the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Ross Vasta MP Honourable member for Bonner

Singtel Future Maker 2018!

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Commsync recieves the Singtel Future Maker award!

Optus Future Maker 2018!

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Commsync recieves the Optus Future Maker 2018 award!

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CommsyncAlert special on Sunrise, Channel 7

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CommsyncAlert special on 9 News Queensland

Your Personal Risk Management Solutions. Supported by your choice of Device

  • SOS calling to your chosen network of support
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Sequential and/or parallel calls to support network
  • In call conferencing and escalation (including 000)
  • One way and/or two way talk
  • GPS and WiFi location sent to your network
  • Geo fencing alert
  • Verbal recordings (as requested)
  • Scheduling of responders (eg on call rosters)
  • Monthly post-paid SIM plan (Optus and Telstra 4G/3G Network)
  • App platform
  • 24/7 service support


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Staff Safety

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Staff safety is paramount! We offer solutions to support staff working on their own in our changing environment. Staff at risk are paramedics, social workers, nurses, mental health practitioners.

Home Care & Monitoring

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At Commsync we offer a variety of solutions for home care and monitoring for the elderly and disabled communities. Through these solutions we support staying at home or living in small communities.

Personal Safety

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To protect adults and children living in a family violence situation, we offer a range of personal safety solutions, including devices that will not fuel explosive situations.

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